MacOS toolbar applet for Classic Kayako
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Kayako Notifier Applet for MacOS

This program looks at your Kayako queue and displays how many tickets you have open. It will also notify you when you have new tickets. You can either clone this repo and run the script, or you can grab a prebuilt version and be merry.


Binary (for lazy people)

Available here: Download Link

SHA256( 1ab043014bcab25cc0cdce8772d240c65357d19563434af0b00ae9ed5c53920a


None if you use the compiled app (generated with py2app), if running from source:

  • Install Python 3.8 from the Python Website
  • If you want to generate the standalone app, you need XCode
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

after that, you can run in the directory, or generate your own standalone app with

$ python3 py2app


This applet will do nothing and just exit when just run without configuration. You need to hop into your terminal and create a config file.

  • Create the file ~/.config/kayako.cfg
  • The configuration should look something like this:

  • Make sure it's only readable by your user (chmod 600 ~/.config/kayako.cfg)
  • NOW you can start the app/script. On Catalina it will probably ask for confirmation to notify. Accept this.