My personal dwm build, with several patches.
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Note that the above color scheme for dwm and the terminals is generated by pywal, so it's based on the wallpaper.

This is my personal fork of the suckless dwm window manager, available at suckless.

It's been patched quite heavily with the following patches:

  • xresources
  • fake signals (for reloading xdrb)
  • Some layouts (see config.def.h)
  • and probably some more.

It's tightly integrated with my dotfiles.


Clone this repo and build it, or get my package from the Arch AUR (dwm-ekollof-git).

Preferred way is building it yourself, since you can then configure it, but you can also configure a lot through XResources (colors et al).

I assume here that you know how to build programs. Otherwise, why would you be wanting to run dwm?