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My mutt config


  • Muti-account IMAP config
  • Sidebar with subscribed folders
  • PGP and SMIME support
  • Passwords managed by pass https://passwordstore.org/
  • Notifications through notify-send (libnotify), disable if you're on windows or OSX (or use something else)
  • Dracula color scheme



Make sure you have the prerequisites installed and configured. Also take a look in mailcap to change whatever you need for previewing (like choosing between lynx or w3m). More importantly, fork this repo. I will ignore pull requests for obvious reasons :)

Clone this repository into ~/config/mutt. Then edit whatever you want in accounts/account.* so it matches up with your situation. Be sure to browse through the configuration to tweak anything you like. Also, make sure you fix the macros in the muttrc so your f1/f2 keys will trigger the correct configuration.

TIP: make sure you create the header/body cache folders meantion in the account.* files to speed IMAP up quite a bit.

Keybinds (that might differ fom default)


  • Ctrl-j/k Move to previous/next mailbox
  • Ctrl-p/n Move to previous/next mailbox with unread mail
  • Ctrl-o Open selected mailbox
  • Shift-B Toggle sidebar

Shortcuts to mailboxes (no chords, just press keys after each other)

  • gi Jump to INBOX

  • ga Jump to Archive

  • gj Jump to Junk-folder

  • gt Jump to Trash

  • Shift-Mi Move to INBOX

  • Shift-Ma Move to Archive

  • Shift-Mj Move to Junk-folder

  • Shift-Mt Move to Trash

  • Shift-Ci Copy to INBOX

  • Shift-Ca Copy to Archive

  • Shift-Cj Copy to Junk-folder

  • Shift-Ct Copy to Trash


  • j/k Previous/Next line
  • Shift-j/k Previous/Next mail in mailbox
  • gg First entry in mailbox
  • Shift-g Last entry in mailbox
  • h Go to parent folder
  • H See raw message (in vim)
  • R Reply to group
  • Ctrl-R Mark all messages as read
  • a Add sender adress to adressbook
  • Ctrl-b Grab all links from the message and do something with them

Account switching

  • <F1> Personal mailbox (see muttrc)
  • <F2> Work mailbox (see muttrc)


Q: neomutt complains about smtp_user not being a valid variable.

A: Your neomutt is probably old. Substitute your username in the smtp_url for the $smtp_user. Or update neomutt.

Q: neomutt complains about directories (e.g. hcache) not existing

A: Create them.

Q: neomutt says it can't find notify-send

A: Install it. The package is usually called libnotify or libnotify-bin. This varies per OS and distribution. For Windows/OSX users, use something else or disable the line mentioning libnotify-bin in the config (look for set_new_mail_command in muttrc)