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A small python frontend to pass wrapping dmenu.

Currently only tested with Python 3.4.

Example usage as i3 keybindings:

bindsym $mod+Shift+i exec -P
bindsym $mod+Mod1+i exec -uPt


usage: [-h] [-c] [-t] [-r] [-u [GET_USER]] [-P] [-s STORE]
                    [-d XDO_DELAY] [-f FILTER] [-B PASS_BIN] [-D DMENU_BIN]
                    [-x XSEL] [-e EXECUTE]

A dmenu frontend to pass. All passed arguments not listed below, are passed to
dmenu. If you need to pass arguments to dmenu which are in conflict with the
options below, place them after --. Requires xclip in default 'copy' mode.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c, --copy            Use xclip to copy the username and/or password into
                        the primary/specified xselection(s). This is the
                        default mode.
  -t, --type            Use xdotool to type the username and/or password into
                        the currently active window.
  -r, --return          Presses "Return" after typing. Forces --type.
  -u [GET_USER], --user [GET_USER]
                        Copy/type the username, possibly search by given
                        python regex pattern that must include a group (the
                        user part). Example pattern: '^user: (.*)' If second
                        line of gpg file is blank or the argument 'filename'
                        is given then gpg filename is used as username.
  -P, --pw              Copy/type the password. Default, use -u -P to copy
                        both username and password.
  -s STORE, --store STORE
                        The path to the pass password store. Defaults to
  -d XDO_DELAY, --delay XDO_DELAY
                        The delay between keystrokes. Defaults to xdotool's
  -f FILTER, --filter FILTER
                        A regular expression to filter pass filenames.
  -B PASS_BIN, --pass PASS_BIN
                        Defaults to /usr/bin/pass
                        Defaults to /usr/bin/dmenu
  -x XSEL, --xsel XSEL  The X selections into which to copy the
                        username/password. Possible values are comma-separated
                        lists of prefixes of: primary, secondary, clipboard.
                        E.g. -x p,s,c. Defaults to primary.
  -e EXECUTE, --execute EXECUTE
                        The path to a command to execute. The whole content of
                        the decrypted gpg file from pass is provided to it on
                        standard input. The full password name (within the
                        store) is provided as first parameter. Arguments -s
                        and -f are forwarded as parameters.The command is
                        executed in addition to and after specified -t, -c
                        options are handled.