Authenticate through scanning RFID tags with your android device
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Authenticate yourself using RFID tags and your phone.

The concept works as follows:

The system has three components. An app on your phone/tablet which can write and read RFID tags, a server which is publicly accessible with a browser through SSL, and a client on the target system that will do an action upon authentication (like unlocking a screen, opening a door, or whatever you think of.)

The app and the client/device need to be registered and linked to a username. Finally, the android app will be used to write a special URL on the tag, which will open the app and do a request for that URL with authentication tokens. The webserver will then queue the registered action for the client or device. The client or client will poll the server for queued actions. When the client picks up on the action, it will fetch it from the server and execute it.

The format and installation instructions will follow when I have something that halfway works.