A simple webserver for very old computers
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uWeb - the tiny minimalistic webserver, by Emiel Kollof

What is this?

This is a simplistic webserver I cobbled together in a span of a quiet
afternoon while playing on my shiney new PDP11 emulator. It's sort of
RFC 1945 comliant, but I'm not too sure about that :)

What can it do?

It serves web pages of course. It also understands a few mime-types to
facilitate the serving of images and other content as well.

What can it _NOT_ do?

It only serves webpages. It can't make your coffee or do your laundry.
Also, don't expect too much from this excuse of a program. It probably has
annoying bugs. Heck, you can help me fix them by telling me about it if
you find some. Although I might hack in CGI supprt if I'm bored enough.

Can I do <insert something> with your code?

Sure. It's got a BSD license. So you can basically do with it what you like.
As long as you leave the copyright notice intact, I don't care _what_ you do
with my code. Just don't copy it and claim you wrote it yourself.

Oh, please send me patches if you added something worthwhile. Yes, you'll
get credit. Unified diffs are just fine.

How do I build this?

Well, you need a working *nix like system (anything BSD-ish is great) and
a compiler that groks strict k&r C.

Just run make(1) in the source root and you'll end up with a binary called
'webserver' which does the webserving stuff. Run it without arguments to
get a short usage summary. It should be pretty straightforward.