Patched surf-browser with bookmarks and other handy stuff.

Updated 3 years ago

My personal dmenu-fork with patches for lineheight and XResources (so it will play nice with pywal)

Updated 4 weeks ago

My personal dwm statusbar, based on dwmblocks

Updated 1 year ago

My personal dwm build, with several patches.

Updated 3 months ago

A simple webserver for very old computers

Updated 4 years ago

A fast and self contained blogging engine in C

Updated 4 years ago

Utility to force an interface into promiscuous mode. Uses libpcap.

Updated 4 years ago

A set of scripts and a library call wrapper to secure things granted by sudo.

Updated 4 years ago

LinOTP PAM module (fork which allows proxy support)

Updated 11 months ago

My old DWM setup

Updated 4 years ago

The kick in the butt for unreliable programs

Updated 4 years ago

A simple monitoring system

Updated 4 years ago

New patchset for dwm

Updated 2 years ago